At Renaissance we strongly believe in an intelligent approach to training the body and mind: start with a solid foundation, and through experience and understanding, cultivate the qualities for a deeper practice, which will be a direct result of the knowledge and experience acquired along the way.

In our experience, we find this to be a safe and highly effective approach to receiving lasting results.

Mentorship – Yoga Life

Looking to deepen your practice into an authentic, holistic yogic way of living?

At Renaissance Yoga Montreal, you can explore the traditional method of learning about Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Philosophy, Music, or the other passions that you see we share here at Renaissance, through one on one time in a scheduled format that meets your requirements.

You will benefit from the exceptionally rewarding results that come with this direct one on one relationship, and which we have experienced with the men and women who mentored us in various fields in our own personal practice and growth. These gifted and generous professionals of diverse backgrounds have made me the man I am today, and they too learned from their teachers in this tradition.

Offering this service privately for 8 years, it’s exciting to now be presenting the program to a wider audience.

Call it complete Yoga. Or not name it and leave all boxes behind.

Together, with deep listening, we imagine, in-vision, create, garden and then you enjoy and keep living the sweetness of our collaboration. And yes, together we courageously make it happen for you – laying the groundwork, building from there, implementing specific actions that lead to tangible results.

Once or twice a month sessions for a complete cycle of 3-months (or 1 month with weekly, or twice weekly sessions). Cost to be determined on an individual basis.

Everyone is unique and every program is customized and tailored to your needs, making full use of the resources available to us.

The work is confidential and private. However, everyone you meet will experience its results. It is ideally supported by a regular consistent yoga practice, either here at Renaissance or at home.

Talk to us directly to share some ideas about what this is all about if you are interested. There are lots of options. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

The original, traditional yoga as taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Our signature class with an emphasis on breath and alignment to build a strong foundation, moving at a flowing rhythmic pace with the breath allowing for a seamless flow of meditation leading to mastery of the body and mind.