Please note that all of the prices include taxes.


1.5 Hour Private Class: $130.

1.5 Hour Massage: $130.

5 Private Classes/ Massages: $525.

The sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours and go until "the job is done" or the integration is complete.

We take time for a good foundation, warm up slowly, flow, explore, integrate, close, no rush.

Depending on how you are with time we may take full advantage of the present moment and continue for easily 2 hours. You will be surprised how time flies.

Payment is only accepted at the end of the session when you can feel and evaluate for your Self the quality and substance of the experience.

Prices reflect the quality, deep focus, research, preparation and commitment brought into the work. Sliding scale options are available for those with sincere desire and limited resources.

Sessions typically are continued once a week or every second week, maybe more often at the beginning and then continues at home based on what has been learned, assimilated and integrated.

The results of the sessions are permanent and can be used in conjunction with any physical, mental or meditative practice and lifestyle.

One session is enlightening. Typically 2-3 sessions can be considered to contain a full body of work which has a lifetime use and application if nurtured.

I only accept students after my morning daily practice of 4-5 hours so that I may be completed tuned and in the zone. No exceptions.

There is space for communication.