One-on-one Private Classes are a great complement to your yoga practice – you can:

• Deepen your practice by exploring your areas of interest that may not be accessible in group classes.

• Focus specifically on effectively caring for injuries or limited range of motion in your body, including introducing and modification of various asanas most suitable for you.

• If you're new to yoga, privates provide you with an opportunity to establish a strong foundation upon which to build with group classes.

• Learn tools to build a short, consistent home practice which you can build upon in time.

• Explore the whole spectrum of yoga, including meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), philosophy, nutrition and Ayurveda.

• Integrate your yoga practice into your life. Discover the techniques to bridge the space between the changes you wish to create in your life and your yoga practice. Personalize your practice!

A Private Class is also a generous gift to a friend who you may want to share the joy of yoga with, but who may feel that they are not ready for group classes yet. A one on one with a teacher in an appropriately paced, guided private setting is often what someone needs to just get started and comfortably ease into a group practice later on.

Private & Massage | Renaissance Yoga Montreal

Private & Massage | Renaissance Yoga Montreal

Massage & Treatments

Treat yourself or offer as a gift a massage.

The massages are a perfect balance between therapeutic relaxation and sensory delight and bliss.

At Renaissance, we imagine and believe in ideal scenarios and more importantly this is a space we have created where we live them. As such, we encourage our members, guests, and visitors to take a Yoga class first and to maybe have a little fresh refreshment after to fully enjoy the most delightful preparation for massage and a truly holistic experience.

The sister of Yoga is Ayurveda, and massage is to Hatha Yoga, what listening is to music.

May your body be a finely tuned instrument.

90 Minutes: $130 75 Minutes: $115 60 Minutes: $90

Best Price Option: 5X 90 Minutes: $525

Prices included tax.