At Renaissance we are fascinated and inspired by the human spirit and how it finds expression in endless form. While in our yoga classes, this takes form in the breath and the movement of the body and consciousness in unison - as well as the cultivation of prana - we celebrate in its materialization in the form of art.

FASCINASIA by Daniel Stanford

Buddha & Woman | Renaissance Yoga Montreal

"One of the most compelling themes in Daniel Stanford's paintings is the complementary and harmonious interaction and expression of the spiritual and the sensual.

These seemingly dualistic paths of the soul play out in his mixed textures, media and perception and experience of light. Light takes form in the inner luminosity of the objects of meditation; Buddha and the female figure set off an evocative train of thoughts and associations that translate into a powerful evocative emotional experience...

Mirroring in metaphor the meditation and realization of the Self and the inner vision in the iconography of the Buddha, and the naked expression in the feminine form of artistic creativity, one is hypnotically drawn into the experience of the art and captivated by the stunning imagery and flow of colours in a soft and warm, yet striking and definitive palette.

Another powerful symbol in our collective, creative consciousness, the horse, is explored in Stanford's more recent work and continues the earlier thematic imagery introduced in the exploration, expression and experience of the creative process and the state of being within."

  • Nicolas Adeline

Art | Renaissance Yoga Montreal

Daniel Stanford's body of work rises from his extensive travels and soul searching for higher knowledge. Having practiced Yoga and a Buddhist lifestyle in the past, he has shaped a frame of mind in which joy and radiant beauty rise out of enigmatic images.

The often complex kaleidoscope of colours emerges from his travels to various continents including South America and Asia.

Art | Renaissance Yoga Montreal

What catches the eye is the luminescent use of Gold Leaf... this ancient material is used in a contemporary fashion by adding it to photographic icons of the past & present re-envisioning the mosaic of today's world.

Many of the mixed media paintings have a mystical vision as well as a new Renaissance with their rich textured feel, that inspires a more extensive look, witch reveals often hidden details.

Art | Renaissance Yoga Montreal


This installation in progress now consists of 47 carved and pierced ceramic lights made of hand built unglazed earthenware. When completed, the work will contain 108 pieces, representing the number of beads on an Indian prayer mala or a Catholic rosary. It is entitled Prayer for the Planet.

“As an artist what interests me the most is beauty and imagination. Light is elemental; our eyes are always drawn to it. In the larger pieces, since the surface is a bigger canvas I can “draw” with light in varied patterns of holes and designs. My idea is to convey a world that is a cross between a fragile coral reef and a galaxy, thus representing the microcosm and the macrocosm.” - Victoria Block

Lights | Renaissance Yoga Montreal